4 CN Features Wild Decks to Try

By comparing Team Rankstar’s and Vicious Syndicate’s wild meta reports with Chinese wild decks, I found that there is something different in several archetypes. Let’s check it out!

Odd Rogue


Odd Rogue is also one of the most powerful decks on the CN server, but it tends to play more aggressive because of more control decks in the meta. Corridor Creeper helps little versus aggro but weaker against control.

Cube Warlock


This Tempo Cube Warlock was originated by 安戈洛属于冬泳欧巴, he posted an article about it in May. After that, it was optimized by team 雾都. The main feature in the CN version of Cube Warlock is that it contains two Sense Demons and cuts Devilsaur Eggs. Sense Demons can help you draw more demons and play the combo of Voidcaller-Doomguard/Voidlord earlier. As to Devilsaur Eggs, you may more willing to play Sense Demons or Voidcaller instead of playing the 3-cost eggs or destroying it. Grim Rally can make an early strong board with tokens and eggs, making it easier versus aggro.

Nomi Aggro Druid


The deck was probably first played by 非分 | 默剑. All the cards are under 3-mana except Hemet and Nomi. Imagine how your opponent feels when he cleans your tokens several times and sees a board with 42 attacks. It should be noted that Nomi is only a utility package. You don’t have to rely on Nomi to win. But if you feel that it is an unfavored match, Nomi is your important means of winning.

Aggro Priest


The deck is created by 大神灬随便 and he just reached #1 Legend on CN server with around 73.3% winrate. It takes several aggro/buff packages from Inner Fire Priest but cuts Inner Fire and Divine Spirit. You just buff your minions, go face, and use spells to win the game.

Special Thanks to Impulse, 游尘 and 南宫那月.