Forefront Meta Report DoD Edition 3

After continuous optimization, the ladder has shown three-legged situation of Warrior, Rogue and Shaman. The three classes crushed the environment with absolute power, and decks like Galakrond Warlock were waiting in the dark to prepare for the death of the current T1 decks.

Class Analysis

Highlander Rogue is the top acrobatic deck in the environment. The acceptable lower limit and extremely high upper limit allow you to show all kinds of tricks. However, it also requires high skill, so it is not recommended for unskilled players to use it. The deck we feature this week has removed Spirit of the Shark and Devoted Maniac, emphasizing board standing ability in early and mid game as well as the deck’s flexibility.
The fancy show of Galakrond Rogue seems to have been found the answer by the CN players. Represented by 惘闻 and WEYuansu, Galakrond Rogue players are gradually combining a powerful and complete deck layer by layer. As of press time, our Rogue expert 惘闻 is trying to hit top from #2 with this deck.
As for the brother of Galakrond Deathrattle Rogue and Deathrattle Rogue? We believe that in the current meta, Galakrond Deathrattle Rogue will further nibble Deathrattle Rogue’s territory. Now the Deathrattle Rogue no longer has the significance of anti-Shaman before the patch, not to mention that Galakrond Zoolock is ready to fight.

Galakrond Shaman generally carry the Spirit of the Frog components under the guidance of the Silverbyz #1 construction. It speeds up the draw flow and raise up the lower limit, which makes Galakrond Shaman can not only cope with the board pressure and also draw the key cards earlier, so that you can play Dragon’s Pack, Hero Card and Shudderwock that can change the situation. At least as far as this week’s data shows, Galakrond Shaman has sounded the horn of the king’s return.

Galakrond Warrior‘s performance on the ladder was commendable, quite the feel of the past Pirate Warrior. On the other hand, the performance of the Pirate Warrior and the Galakrond Pirate Warrior is not disappointing. We did not expect that Garrosh was beaten for so long, and now he was so fierce. 2020 has come, Armor Up is out of date!

The sudden rise of Galakrond Zoolock impacts the seemingly stable meta, and with its endless Invoke rhythm, it constantly pressuring Shaman and Rogue’s board, forcing them to be tired of defense and eventually defeats them.
As for the Handlock in this environment, it has gradually found its own position. Warlock has done well in this expansion.

As an environment counter, Face Hunter can only use their flexible attack to steal few wins.
Looks like Highlander Hunter can beat anyone, but in fact it’s not enough to win anyone. After gathering the data of this week, we also changed our previous understanding of Highlander Hunter. We believe that the current construction of Highlander Hunter is difficult to stand on such a violent environment.

Albatross Priest and Resurrect Priest have merged. At oresent, the default Resurrect Priest is Albatross Priest, and with the decline of Face Hunter and the unfavorite Highlander Rogue, it can only barely climb the ladder.
Combo Priest has almost no good matchup in current enviornment. In the situation where Shaman run double Earth Shock and Hex, and Galakrond Warrior control the enviornment, Combo Priest can only be accidentally injured to become an innocent victim.

Murloc Paladin gets some reinforcements in the new expansion, making it of higher quality and stronger suppression in the mid-game. We can foresee that more Murloc Paladin players will emerge in a short period of time, and will gradually become one of the mainstreams of the ladder.
Galakrond Shaman‘s return to T1 does not mean that Holy Wrath Paladin can still come out to punish evil and do good, the dual suppression of the Highlander Rogue and Galakrond Warrior makes Uther difficult.
And Mech Paladin is more like a toy that can only be played in the lower part of the ladder due to the huge defects of its construction.

Druid are really embarrassed. Whether it is Midrange Druid, Treant Druid or even Quest Druid, the falsh of excellent construction can initially catch people’s eyes, but the actual performance is just unsatisfactory.

Highlander Mage is almost the same as Highlander Hunter. Although it can not beat anyone easilly, but it can have a even matchup with every deck (provided that it’s not Face Hunter).
The Cyclone Mage is more difficult to master and is more depends on the draw-sequence, but after the proficiency comes up, its experience is definitely good. 云中帆, a well-konwn player in CN, also used this deck to reach the top of the ladder.

Tier List and Method

Tier 0

The one deck that control the enviornment, with extreme power. Most of its matchup except the mirror have a repressive advantage.

Tier 1

Highly environmentally competitive decks, with high strength and upper and lower limits. The only possible disadvantage is the players’ proficiency and lack of understanding of the game; after skilled use, the winrate is 60% nearly.

Tier 2

Decks with high strength in the meta, and one of the upper or lower limit is high; after skilled use, the winrate is around 55%.

Tier 3

Decks with a certain level of strength in the meta, generally decks that can be used for special matchups. it has strong stability but is not as versatile as T2 Decks.

Tier 4

Decks that can be used to climb the ladder, but the stability is poor or the construction is not complete, and the versatility is also bad.


T1 Decks

Highlander Rogue


Galakrond Shaman


Galakrond Warrior


T2 Decks

Galakrond Zoo


Murloc Paladin


Deathrattle Rogue


Galakrond Rogue


Pirate Warrior


Galakrond Deathrattle Rogue




Resurrect Priest


Face Hunter


T3 Decks

Highlander Hunter


Midrange Druid


Holy Wrath Paladin


Cyclone Mage


Treant Druid


Highlander Mage


T4 Decks

Combo Priest


Aggro Shaman


Mech Paladin



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