Gold Team Championship 2020 Week 13 Guide

What’s this?

It’s an official CN esports tournament. 7 of Chinese top Hearthstone Teams plus 1 Western Team will play a double round robin with 10ban4 BO5 KOF format (Last Hero Standing) during the next few weeks. Teams will be ranked according to the number of wins they accumulate. In the playoff, the last two teams will be knocked out directly, and then teams ranked 3 to 6 will play a Single Elimination, and the two winners together with the top 2 teams will play a Double Elimination until the champion is decided.

Results of last week


Match Result VODs
WE vs LP 1 : 3 p1, p2
SN vs LF 1 : 3 p1
iG vs VK 3 : 0 p1
LP vs RNG 3 : 2 p1, p2
SN vs VK 2 : 3 p1, p2
TL vs RNG 1 : 3 p1, p2
iG vs LF 3 : 1 p1
TL vs WE 3 : 0 p1


Lobby Result VODs
WE vs LP vs SN vs LF LP(1st), WE(2nd), LF(3rd), SN(4th) link
WE vs LP vs SN vs LF WE(1st), LP(2nd), SN(3rd), LF(4th) link
iG vs VK vs LP vs RNG LP(1st), RNG(2nd), VK(3rd), iG(4th) link
iG vs VK vs LP vs RNG LP(1st), iG(2nd), VK(3rd), RNG(4th) link
SN vs VK vs TL vs RNG SN(1st), RNG(2nd), TL(3rd), VK(4th) link
SN vs VK vs TL vs RNG VK(1st), TL(2nd), RNG(3rd), SN(4th) link
iG vs LF vs TL vs WE TL(1st), iG(2nd), WE(3rd), LF(4th) link
iG vs LF vs TL vs WE TL(1st), LF(2nd), WE(3rd), iG(4th) link

Teams and Players

Constructed Overview


Player: Bunnyhoppor, DeadDraw, Fr0zen


Player: IG.XiaoYao, IG.XC, IG.Syf


Player: LF.Yueying, LF.Zhoulang, LF.Bleau


Player: LP.Xhope, LP.Trunks, LP.OmegaZero


Player: RNG.Leaoh, RNG.Kylins, RNG.Lys


Player: SN.Jing, SN.Rugal, SN.Brox


Player: VK.Diana, VK.xhx, VK.Ryuk


Player: WE.YouLove, WE.Stone, WE.Yuansu

Battlegrounds Players

TL: Sjow, wtybill
iG: iG.TheDing, iG.Sword
LF: LF.Reconnect, LF.Lvge
LP: LP.Trunks, LP.Anderonie
RNG: RNG.Lalala, RNG.Nostalie
SN: SN.Syu, SN.Valeera
VK:VK.Kimmy, VK.Xinniang
WE: WE.Nightwalk, WE.Sparkling

Where can I Watch?

Stream: You can watch it on huya, douyu or bilibili(recommend).

Constructed Schedule:

Match Time
TL(Bunnyhopper) vs WE(Yuansu) 8:00 AM May 5 PDT
SN(Brox) vs LF(Yueying) 5:30 AM May 6 PDT
iG(Syf) vs LP(Xhope) 6:15 AM May 6 PDT
LGD(XiaoWang) vs KZG(XiaoBai) 5:30 AM May 7 PDT
RNG(Leaoh) vs VK(msbc) 6:15 AM May 7 PDT

Battlegrounds Schedule:

Lobby Time
TL vs WE vs LGD vs KZG 5:30 AM May 5 PDT
SN vs LF vs iG vs LP 4:00 AM May 6 PDT
LGD vs KZG vs RNG vs VK 4:00 AM May 7 PDT