Gold Team Championship Week 1 Starts This Weekend!

What’s this?

It’s an official CN esports competition. 8 of Chinese top Hearthstone Leagues will play a double round robin using 9ban4 BO5 KOF format (Last Hero Standing) during the next 5 weeks. Teams will be ranked according to the number of wins they accumulate. In the pay-off, the last two teams will be knocked out directly, and then teams ranked 3 to 6 will play a Single Elimination, and the two winners together with the top 2 teams will play a Double Elimination until the champion is decided.

Teams Overview

Decks Overview









Interesting Facts

  1. iG summited a Freeze Mage.

  2. LP‘s Combo Priest doesn’t run Extra Arms.

  3. WE‘s Combo Priest runs Stonetusk Boar.

  4. RNG summited a Taunt Warrior.

  5. WE and RNG‘s Highlander Mage still run Luna’s Pocket Galaxy.

Where can I Watch?

Stream: You can watch it on huya, douyu or bilibili.

Week 1’s schedule:

Competitions Time
LF vs WE 2:00 A.M. August 30 PDT
SN vs BLG 3:30 A.M. August 30 PDT
RNG vs LP 5:00 A.M. August 30 PDT
TG vs iG 6:30 A.M. August 30 PDT
LF vs BLG 2:00 A.M. August 31 PDT
SN vs WE 3:30 A.M. August 31 PDT
RNG vs iG 5:00 A.M. August 31 PDT
TG vs LP 6:30 A.M. August 31 PDT
LF vs SN 2:00 A.M. September 1 PDT
WE vs BLG 3:30 A.M. September 1 PDT
RNG vs TG 5:00 A.M. September 1 PDT
iG vs LP 6:30 A.M. September 1 PDT